2015: Let's Do This


Last year the hubs and I tried to be all organized and fill out some crazy detailed New Year's Resolution Worksheet. I'm sure you see where this is going... let's just say anything with the words worksheet in it just has all kinds of room for failure. So to make it more simple and to be able to actually achieve something this year I'm going to strive for three simple, tangible things:

1. Complete a 365 Project. In an effort to improve on my photography and creativity I'm committing to taking one a photo a day for a whole year. I'm hoping it will stretch me on days when I boredom is reigning and give me a digital scrapbook for 2015, because in my heart of hearts this is the year of change, y'all!

2. Journey to Health. After fighting for the past couple years with tummy troubles and beyond, I've finally reached a point where I can make a change. I want to continue sticking to my allergy-free diet and supplements, but also begin to add back in my exercise regime. 

3. Love God. I want to look back next Dec. 31st and be able say I love God more than I did today. I want to hold my dreams in open hands so that I can be ready at anytime to follow God's dreams. The Lord has already been so gracious to us to show us where he wants us for the next however many years. I can't wait to continue walking on this journey but I must prepare for the fight. The fight agains the enemy whose goal is to distract us, weaken us, and make us lose sight of the ultimate goal. So here's to gearing up this year and getting in the fight.

Small Goals for 2015:

1. Read more books than movies I watch.
2. Travel someplace new.
3. Retreat in the mountains at least once this year.
4. Visit the beach at least once this year.
5. Try something new and scary.
6. Make a new friend.
7. Blog more.
8. Begin writing down my life.
9. Give myself more grace.
10. Press into Joy.

Happy New Year!