Hospital Packing List


Let’s be honest, it can be overwhelming when it comes to packing, much less packing for something like a hospital stay! So when I had my first baby I made a list on my phone of things I wish I would have had and then was able to refer back to it for my second. Here is what I ended up taking with me:

slippers - I hate the hospital socks. So the first time I took my nice Ugg slippers, but guess what? My feet swelled up three sizes bigger and I couldn’t wear them. So this time I bought a pair at Walmart in the next size up. I also made sure they didn’t have any backs on them because it’s easier to get your feet into when they are swollen and you can’t bend over yet (at least if you have a c-section, not sure on a vbac what the bending capability is after birth)

depends - Yes, the hospital gives you mesh underwear and pads, but I did not find them comfortable! Especially if you had a c-section and they hit right at your scar (unless you have the binding on) Anyways, these were much easier to deal with, so make sure you have a few in your bag, if anything for the day you go home so you are more comfortable than the mesh underwear

oils - I needed my Valor and Peace & Calming like crazy before birth! I had so much anxiety and I had these nearby to calm me down. I know that some people who have a vbac also bring a diffuser and have the oils going while giving birth!

nipple cream - because yeah…I really love the Motherlove brand

nursing cover - because people are constantly coming in and out of your room, from nurses, family, doctors, etc…it’s just a little more private this way. I also really love Milkmaid Goods, their covers are SO soft! I loved them so much I actually got two of them!

sleeping mask - The hospital room is full of lights and when nurses come in all hours to check on you they usually leave a light on, anyways, I found it easier to block it out by putting on an eye mask

chapstick - because you will have some dry lips, thank me later

airpods - When I was up feeding or pumping (because of baby being in the NICU) I needed something to do, but didn’t want to wake my husband, so I put these in and listened to my Insta Stories

swelling lotion - the single most important/best thing I took with me! My feet swelled SO bad with my first pregnancy so I prepared this time by making a lotion. I used any lotion as a base and added Lemongrass, Lavender, and Citrus Fresh essential oils. Then I had my husband rub it all over my feet and legs several times a day. It dramatically reduced the swelling and by the third day in the hospital the doctor couldn’t believe how good my feet looked! I actually stopped using it because I thought it was done, and within a day they swelled up again. But a few more applications and it was back to normal! Last time it took several weeks before I could get into a pair of shoes!

kindle/book - You may not ever use it, but I did have some downtime where I wasn’t sleeping and wanted something to do

pajamas for nursing - While those hospital gowns are great, it’s nice to feel human again after birthing a small human! Plus there were so many visitors coming in and out I felt much more comfortable being in pajamas vs the gown. We also had to go down to the NICU several times a day and so it was better to be in some decent clothing than an open back gown! Just make sure they are nursing friendly with some buttons and if you have a c-section you may not want pants or short but a dress instead. Though once I had the binding on the waistband didn’t bother me.

robe - When my first was born it was September (in Texas) which mean it was still hot, so I had a lightweight robe from PinkBlush. It was perfect for putting on over my gown or pajamas and going for a walk on the floor or the NICU. For my second it was December so I got a big fluffy robe. I LOVE this thing! I put it on at home too and it’s great for just having over you pajamas since you are pretty much just nursing all day in the beginning.

maternity tights/clothes - make sure you have your maternity clothes with you to go home from the hospital. You’ll still be wearing these for awhile while your uterus shrinks back or your c-section scar heals

binding - Make sure they give you this in the hospital before you try to get up and walk! I’ve had some friends say they never gave them one, so you might want to grab one off amazon and bring it. Honestly, I couldn’t have survived my c-section without it! If you didn’t have a c-section it’s still a nice thing to have because it helps shrink your hips back faster

phone charger - need I say more?

bathroom items (glasses, contact case, make up, shower stuff, deodorant, etc)

baby items: clothes, swaddle, car seat with infant insert, paci, and a fully packed diaper bag for the ride home

I have an Amazon list if you want to see all the products:

My Top Picks for Newborns: Misc

Alright, since the list is kind of long, I’m going to try not to go into much detail here, but just list some of my favorites/things that are good to register for.

  1. Winter Time booties - If your newborn is a winter baby these will save your sanity, because socks and shoes DO NOT stay on at this age!

  2. Baby carries (moby, ring sling, and ergo/lille) - Yes, I recommend all three! They serve different purposes. The moby I really only use in those early months. It keeps baby close to your chest and all cozy, great for when they don’t want to be put down. I use the Lille and or Ergo (I’ve had both, but after I lost the Ergo in airport security I decided to go with LIlle, both work great) Anyways, I like this one for traveling through airports or more adventurous hiking/walks because it keeps baby super secure and they go on your back after a certain age. And lastly the ring sling, it’s my more everyday wrap. I really love the ones from Wildbird Co. They have so many great fabrics and I love when you can find a good product from a small shop. It’s easy to fit inside a diaper bag and holds babies well even after a year old. Plus it’s way easier to put baby in than the other two.

  3. baby book - There are so many great books out there, so it really depends on your style. I really like the more simplistic books I’ve seen, but I don’t like their $99 price tag! So here’s one I found that’s similar but cheaper.

  4. fawn diaper bag - y’all this bag is a must!! It’s pricey but so worth it! My mother-in-law got it for me for Christmas and it’s been one of my favorite gifts. It’s cute, functional, and wipes easy.

  5. high chair (ikea or graco) - We have the graco one that attaches to a table, but I also like the Ikea one, really cheap and you can find cute covers all over Etsy

  6. changing pad or pack n play that has one with it - Some people never use a changing pad and just prefer to change baby wherever, which totally works, but having the c-section meant I couldn’t bend over very well so having a changing pad up high was a huge help, plus it wipes clean when you have explosives coming at you during a change…which is totally common with newborns! This time around we actually are just using the changing pad on the pack n play, and that works pretty well for us right now. And if you get a changing pad cover, make sure and get one that’s wipeable! We got one that wasn’t and that was just plain silly. You end up getting all kind of nasty things on that and do you really want one more thing to have to wash constantly!

  7. Lotus Travel Cot n play or the 4moms Breeze- So for a pack n play I really like these two. They are super easy to put together and the Lotus is really light and great for travel. If you want to have the infant bassinet and changing pad area with your pack n play, then I recommend the 4Moms one. We actually use Graco because I got it for free from a company, which totally works too, but if you plan on taking it back and forth to grandparents house or traveling a lot invest in the Lotus or 4moms!

  8. diaper pail - because newborns poop a lot…

  9. Swing - I like the 4moms RockaRoo. It has an app that works with your phone and you can play sound machine noise or music and adjust the speed of the rocking. It’s a great place for baby to hang out when they are being a little fussy and you need a break from the endless holding and rocking!

  10. monitor - Love this monitor! It comes with two cameras, which may seem silly, but if you have two kids in separate rooms it's nice or if you want an extra camera to keep for travel instead of unplugging or unmounting the other one it’s a great option. What I looked for in a monitor: video, two way speaker, temperature reading, dual-voltage (because we needed it overseas and didn’t want to use a transformer), and reasonably priced.

  11. infant car seat pillow - We totally didn’t realize this was a thing. And when we went home from the hospital with our first the nurse mentioned how we might want to get one because the one that came with the car seat was a joke! It was so flat and did nothing. So make sure you have something similar to this so their little head can be properly supported in the car seat.

  12. mittens - Not for the cold, but so they don’t scratch themselves all day long! Plus a lot of people have a hard time with cutting the nails, so this will help until you get better at it. I also really like Goumikids brand because they put the black and white contrast patters on their stuff to help with baby’s development, otherwise you can just get a cheap pair like these.

  13. bandanas - I didn’t see the point of these at all, until our first started teething…then cue alllll the drool. His clothes would be soaked in drool and drive me nuts. So when I put a bandana on him it would catch all the drool and save me from wanting to change his clothes all the time! Plus if you have a baby who spits up a lot it’s great for that, so much easier to change the bandana than clothes.

  14. chew book - a little toy for your babe. Our first didn’t want to do much toys and rattles and such, but he did love having a book that he could chew on and it makes a little crinkle noise

  15. Play gym/mat - I really like things that aren’t full of color and plastic so I looked for a play gym that was more simple and could fit in a suitcase. We went with this one, but if it didn’t need to fit in a suitcase I would have gone with something like this and then just put a nice rug underneath it.

MISC 1.jpg
MISC 2.jpg


My Top Picks for Newborns: Strollers & Bassinets

Since having Ezra there has been several new products that make life with newborns much easier. I’ve decided to update my list of favorite items because maybe it can help anyone who is about to have baby, whether for the first time or third time.


So I’m going to include a few options based on price and need.

  1. Expensive - Uppa Baby Vista

    If I could afford it I would have totally gone with this stroller! Not only is it a beautiful design, but it grows with your family. You can start with just one seat or bassinet for baby and then when the time comes for number two you don’t have to buy a new stroller, just add another seat! It’s also not bulky and huge, especially for a double stroller.

  2. Affordable - Baby Jogger City Select Stroller with 2nd Seat or the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller

    Again, I recommend investing in the double stroller version of the Baby Jogger because it can be used with one seat and then when you have the second (if you plan on having them close in age) you can just buy the second seat and not invest in a whole new stroller.

    If you aren’t interested in the double then really any of the Baby Jogger strollers are great. You get high quality for great price. We ended up getting the Baby Jogger City Mini GT after our first stroller was destroyed by the airlines. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the basket underneath, it’s hard to get things in and out of it, but not the worst thing in the world. The other thing is that you can’t push the seat back into upright position with one hand. You have to stop and use both hands to get it up, whereas our old stroller let you do it with one hand super simple. The only reason we went with the City Mini GT vs another model is because we needed something with wheels that could withstand dirt roads and pot holes, otherwise I’d totally go with one of the smaller versions.

  3. Deal - Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller

    We ended up with this for our double stroller and got it for under $100 on Prime Day. We decided not to invest as much money because of taking it to Africa and already having airplanes ruin our old stroller. This way we won’t be too disappointed if it ends up breaking. I also did not want a double wide stroller because I wanted to fit through doors and small aisles easier. So far I only have one complaint with this stroller an that’s that if you put the infant bassinet in the back part you can’t access the basket underneath. Other than that it’s been great so far.

    My best advice is to go to Buy Buy Baby and just start trying all the strollers. I was SUPER overwhelmed when looking for strollers, and honestly this didn’t help me much, but the second time around I knew which brands I liked and features I wanted to make sure I had so testing out all the strollers in the store worked so much better for me! Plus they have people who work in that department and can help answer all my crazy questions.

    Things I look for in a stroller:

    1. Price (duh)

    2. Works with my infant carseat (If you don’t have a car seat already, I recommend buying a travel system that comes with the carseat, like Graco does, otherwise just make sure you can get an attachment for a carseat with whatever stroller you go with) The Baby Jogger has attachments, but some of them are HUGE, luckily the Graco one is really small and works perfectly.

    3. East to fold, lightweight/not bulky

    4. Wheels do not require air

    5. reclines flat option

One more favorite is the GB Pockit Stroller. If you want to use a carseat then you have to get the Pockit Plus and it only works with a few carseats, so plan ahead if you plan on using the Pockit Stroller with a car seat. We already had a Graco Carseat so I just decided to get the regular Pockit and not worry about using it with the carseat. I mainly use it for my toddler and when traveling in airports because as mentioned above the airlines in Africa likes to give me trouble, so with the Pockit stroller I can just fold it up and put it in my bag!

GB Pockit Stroller

GB Pockit Plus Stroller (can be used with carseat)

  1. UppaBaby Vista | 2. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller | 3. Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Stroller | 4. Graco Duoglider Double Stroller | 5. GB Pockit Plus Stroller


Expensive: The Snoo. Y’all I’ve heard AMAZING things about this guy! I wish we would have known about it before we got our bassinet. I only say that because they know how an option to rent the snoo and since we were only going to be in the states for a little while it might have been worth the cost. If you wanted to rent the snoo for the entire time you usually have a baby in a bassinet, well, then you might want to save up. Basically this bassinet is based on the 5 S’s that help get babies to sleep (soothe, swing, swaddle, shush, and side or stomach). The bassinet has a built in swaddle and white noise machine. When it hears the baby cry it adjusts the swinging and shusher to help calm baby. It also works with your smart phone to alert you when baby is crying and to let you know that it might be because they need a diaper change or feeding.

Affordable: The Halo Bassinet. There are different reasons why people recommend this bassinet. A lot of people like the ability to put it next to your bed and use the collapsable side wall to pull baby out and feed in the bed. For me, the reason why I like this bassinet is because of it’s height. With our first baby we had a rock n play and it was so low to the ground I couldn’t get our baby in and out of the bassinet because of my c-section. This time I wanted something higher so I didn’t have to bend over. Works like a dream! It also rotates well and allows you to rock the baby and the Dock a Tot Deluxe fits perfect inside it. The only downside is that there is no way to make it incline, which is super helpful and really necessary for babies with acid reflux (like my first).

Deal - The Swaddle Me Sleeper. This bassinet also raises high (not as high as the Halo, but high enough) and it has the ability to incline. We found ours on Amazon for a random deal of less than $40, which was cheaper than what I was finding in second-hand stores. But that’s another tip, look for the Halo and SwaddleMe in second hand stores or online marketplaces. I’ve seen them all over the place and you can save some money that way!


Birth Story : Kennedy Marie


On December 27th, 2018, at 8:08 am Kennedy Marie came into the world. She was scheduled to appear this day via C-section and since it happened to be the birthday of my late Aunt Brand Marie Dooley, we decided to give her Brenda’s middle name. It’s also the birthday of my Uncle Bruce (Brenda’s twin) and my cousin on the other side of my family, Matt, who got hold Kennedy on their birthdays later that day. So needless to say December 27th is a big birthday day in my family!

While it seems my birth stories are anything from the home birth, mellow, beautiful stories you so often seen floating around online, they are still MY stories and my experiences, and I think it helps to process it all by writing it all out—the scary details and all.

So at 5:00 am on the 27th Reed and I left for the hospital to check in for the c-section. Once you arrive and change they hook you up to a machine so they can start monitoring you and the baby. It turns out I was already having contractions (couldn’t feel them though) so I’m curious how much longer you would have made it in my belly!

The next step was to get the blood drawn and iv in. Now since I wasn’t allowed to eat or drink anything since midnight it is usually really hard to find my veins. But this time, it was extremely difficult! They kept jumping around and so after a few sticks the nurse tried another spot and this time I vasovagal, a word I had never heard of before, but it means you get really hot and sweaty, as in I thought my body was going to explode of heat, I became super light-headed and dizzy, my color completely disappeared, which is how the nurses saw what was happening, I lost the ability to really communicate and started throwing up and blacking out. Needless to say, it was one of the scariest moments I’ve experienced. But after a few minutes all returned to normal and I was ok, except for extremely tired…and we’ve barely begun.

After that it was just getting the epidural and waiting to be wheeled back for surgery. I remember being extremely nervous because of how difficult and painful the c-section with Ezra was, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So by the time they wheeled me back into the OR I was starting to have a panic attack. I’ve never really had one, but I’d say that was it. I couldn’t stop crying and since I couldn’t feel my legs it started freaking me out and I began having a hard time. I’m just SO thankful for the wonderful anesthesiologist. They recognized I was having a hard time and were so sweet; telling me it would be okay, calming down with words and also calming me down with meds. They gave me something to help me calm down and honestly it was the best thing. It made me extremely tired but I kind of liked it that way. I was very awake for Ezra’s c-section and it freaked me out the whole time. Getting to be in and out of sleep allowed me to relax and Reed was there the whole time to record what happened. I only remember hearing a few things, like her weight and that my doctor was going to Angelfire for vacation after the surgery. Literally, the word Angelfire was like the only thing I remembered afterwards, so weird. But I was no longer freaking out and the baby was born! I do remember that as soon as they pulled out Kennedy my belly instantly felt like a popped balloon, but in a good way. I felt all the pressure and nasal congestion and just a huge weight (literally) lift off my body, it was a strange feeling and I don’t remember that at all with my first!

Afterwards they wheeled me into recovery and I got to have my parents and Reed in there with me at different times. With Ezra, he was rushed to the NICU so everyone went with the baby and I was left alone in recovery, which ended up being very scary for me because I had no idea what was going on, so this time I was thankful to not be alone! They soon brought in Kennedy for me to hold and try to nurse, such a new experience since I never got to do that with Ezra! It was amazing. After going through something like that it’s nice to then hold your baby to make it all better!

Then I nursed for the first time ever really and it seemed to sweet and gave me hope that nursing might actually work! (I was wrong, but it was nice while it lasted, since I didn’t get to try and nurse Ezra until day 7, and it never worked with him)

After recovery, they wheeled me up to the room and brought Kennedy. Again, it was so amazing to have her in the room with us and I was so excited to have a very different hospital experience with her—so much so that I just seemed to feel happy!

They had also changed the way they did their pain meds since I had Ezra in 2016 and it seemed to be a much better experience pain-wise. They left the catheter in for 12 hours and didn’t have me walk to the bathroom until then, where as in last time it was only a few hours after being in the room and it was PAINFUL! So by the time I got up to walk for the first time there were no tears! It was so encouraging. I was up moving and healing way faster than before.

We had our first night with Kennedy and it went mostly well. She cried and I would nurse her and then we would put her back to sleep. There was one time when she wouldn’t go back down so the nurse came in and took her to the nursery so we could get some sleep and then brought her back when it was time to feed. Early that morning they took her back to the nursery to get her vitals and found her blood sugar was low. They gave her some formula so they could then check it again and see if it improved, but since it didn’t they decided it was best that she be brought to the NICU.

When I found out my heart sank. I was angry and sad. I felt like we were repeating Ezra’s story and that’s not what I wanted! So after a few tears, I gathered my thoughts and determined that since I felt much better and had already started nursing I would do whatever it takes to keep nursing her at the feeding times. So for the next few days Reed would wheel me down to the NICU and I would nurse Kennedy and then she would have a little formula after they checked her blood sugar each time. It ended being three days in the NICU before she was released, so we only stayed in the hospital one extra day.

I actually really enjoy being in the hospital. There is unlimited sonic ice, cranberry juices, people who are always helping you and giving you pain meds, people who make your food for you and clean your room, and willing to help you get some much needed sleep. Plus the bed that moves up and down is amazing when you have trouble bending and moving after surgery. So staying an extra day (for me) is always something I kind of like, because once we go home it’s taking care of two human beings plus ourselves and doing it all on 2 hours of sleep increments.

But thank goodness for family, especially my mom who came and stayed with Ezra while we were in the hospital. And on top of it all Ezra came down with some sort of cold and was sneezing, feverish, coughing, and needing all the snuggles. She was up with him during the night and most nap times trying to get him well. And when we came home we had to work really hard to keep him away from the baby and me because of it was contagious. In fact, the day my mom left to go back home, she came down with what he had and had to get antibiotics and meds. But luckily, no one else seemed to get it! (Well, except my in-laws who also had it..)

So in the next couple weeks we slowly got a routine. I was eventually well enough that I moved into the bedroom (something that took way longer with my first) and once I began sleeping in the bedroom, I learned how to feed and change diapers all from the bed. (Thank you Halo Bassinet and thank you to The Drivers who let us borrow theirs!)

But after about a week I began having pain. My gallstones were back and eating began sparking pain. I would have dull mild pain after every meal and then out of nowhere a big attack would happen. I still had one pain pill from my c-section so it helped me get through what is usually the worst pain of my life. But the bad part was that I hadn’t eaten any of my trigger foods and I now was at a lost of how to proceed. It seemed everything I ate sparked pain and I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it 2 more weeks until my first appointment with the doctor and then who knows how long after that for surgery.

When I had that first attack, we called the doctor and left a message explaining the situation and a few days later we got a call back. The doctor wanted me to come in that day and try and do surgery the next day. It was sudden and shocking, but we knew it was something we needed to ASAP. So we headed in to begin the process.

What was supposed to be a day surgery ended up being three days in the hospital. After the gallbladder remover of over 100 stones I still had some in my bile duct, so the next day a different doctor had to go into my bile duct and remove over half a dozen stones. I stayed another night in the hospital and then went home the next day. It was tough and involved a lot of pain and anxiety, but luckily, the grandparents stepped up and helped take care of the kids. And now, I’m finally on the mend and we are slowly getting in a routine.


Kennedy Marie : One Month


The months go by so fast, yet so much has happened this month. We took you home from the hospital on New Year’s Eve and rang in 2019 while in a sleepy, drugged state. A couple weeks later I went to the hospital to have my gallbladder removed and ended up having to stay for a few days. You got to spend time with your grandparents and you’re big brother loves you so much.

You really only care about your milk and naps, but you do get fussy and it seems only laying on someone’s chest and being rocked will calm you down. Regardless, it’s been quite a month of transition and we are still figuring it all out, but it’s been so fun to have a baby girl around here. And you’ve done a great job of growing these last couple weeks, you officially weighed 9 pounds 4 ounces at your one month check-up.


My Top Picks for Newborns: Feeding & Sleeping

Since having Ezra there has been several new products that make life with newborns much easier. I’ve decided to update my list of favorite items because maybe it can help anyone who is about to have baby, whether for the first time or third time.

So for this post I want to focus on the things for feeding, sleeping, and diapering/bathing. The things you spend most of your day doing with a newborn!



I recommend waiting to have baby before you pick a bottle. I’ve heard of so many babies who end up picking their bottle instead of the parent. Luckily, that wasn’t our case, but we did find issues with some bottles and had a few preferences come baby number two. I also recommend waiting because you don’t know if you will be exclusively breastfeeding or not. I thought I would be, but it turns out I’ve needed bottles for babies now. So here’s my favorites:

For our first we went with Dr. Browns because he was having so much trouble with acid reflux gas. The Dr. Brown bottles helped reduce the gas so we stuck with it. But washing plastic bottles in Africa became a CHORE! The bottles turn foggy and basically I’m trying to cut out all plastics. Luckily, Dr. Brown now has a glass option! And if you don’t want the vent straw it lets you use the bottle without it.

My other top picks are Joovy Boob (a little expensive, but great choice for using bottles and breastfeeding since the nipple is designed to mimic mom), Como Tomo, and Boon Nursh.

Things I look for:

  1. Glass or Silicon (bye bye plastic)

  2. Nipple that mimics mom

  3. Some sort of vent system to reduce colic/air bubbles

  4. 8 oz plus bottles because after a few months baby will need more than 4 oz per feeding and it’s super annoying to have to make and clean two bottles each feeding

  1. Boon Nursh | 2. Dr. Brown Glass Bottles | 3. Como Tomo | 4. Joovy Boob Glass


  1. I exclusively pumped with my first baby so trust me when I say I’ve had my share of pump problems/opinions. I used the Medela pump in Style with Ezra and while it was a great pump, it meant I was tied down to a chair for 20-40 minutes 6-8 times a day. Something that is NOT possible with your second. So I was pretty against any kind of pumping with my second, but sadly I’ve had to pump with her as well. Luckily it’s not exclusive, but still a lot. That said, I went through insurance and got the Freemie Hands Free Pump for free. I LOVE it! It just pops in your bra and the pump is charged by a mini USB cable. So you can stick it in your pocket and do the dishes, feed baby, chase a toddler, all while pumping. Makes life way easier. I also don’t have to change into a hands free bra for pumping, it works with whatever I already have one. Super simple for car rides.

  2. If I had the budget I’d invest in the Willow Pump, but I wouldn’t do it until you knew how much you’d be pumping. For example, if you will be going back to work and needing to pump at work or if you are exclusively pumping then I would recommend saving up for the Willow Pump. It’s basically like the Freemie pump but with added features. You don’t have to worry about bending over or laying down because it’s spill proof and it syncs with your phone to let you know how much you’ve pumped. Completely worth the price tag of $430-$500!

  3. Haakaa - this little thing is amazing! While you breastfeed you just squeeze it to place on the other side and let it do the rest. It basically sucks out the milk and let down while you feed your baby and in the end you can have anywhere from 1-4 ounces! I’ve had a ton of moms tell me they don’t even pump anymore. They just use this guy each time to store up their stash of breastmilk.

  4. Also, get some pump wipes so when you pump outside of the house (or at night) you can just wipe the parts clean and don’t have to worry about hot water and soap and drying.



  1. Take a breastfeeding class. Now with my second I’m learning how valuable this would have been. I know I could still take one, but sadly my budget is spent, but that’s another story. That said, I recommend registering for the cost of on on a registry or if you get to have a shower and have a lot of items gifted to you then you can have some extra money or save up to take a class. I would think there are free ones out there, but I never found any…though not sure how hard I tried, because I didn’t realize breastfeeding wasn’t something that just came natural to both momma and baby. It takes practice, tools, and help…lots of help. And you don’t really get all that help while you’re recovering in the hospital, so if you can try and do it before then hopefully you’ll be more successful. Here’s an online one you can take if you can’t find something else:

  2. Gripe Water - This stuff is amazing and we used it with Ezra for at least the first year. It’s a beautiful tool when sleep training or trying to calm a fussy baby! We don’t go anywhere without it and most of the time we barely use any at all or just dip the syringe in it. Baby sucks on it a little, calms down and takes the paci! (note, when looking at different brands to check ingredients, b/c a lot of brands will put HFCS or sugar in there!)

  3. Gas Drops - We are trying anything to help with gas at this point, so we give these to our babe as directed.

  4. Probiotic Drops - We are using these with our second because she has terrible gas. Our first did too and after doing a lot of research it seems that gas can be really common with c-section babies because they aren’t passed some of the things they need from momma when delivered that way. Not sure how many people agree with that, but it makes sense to me since that’s a common question asked by doctors when determining if someone has candida later in life. Also, feeding via bottle in the early days creates more gas in newborns. So I’ve read several articles about how probiotics can help heal the gut and help little ones with gas, and since they are safe to give, we are trying anything, because the waking up crying with gas is just too much for both baby and momma! However, I will note that these are expensive, so I’d wait and see if you think you need them before you buy them.

  5. Nipple Butter - take this with you to the hospital! I really like this brand and was recommended by the lactation consultant because it has candela in it for healing tissue (very helpful if you have cracking or bleeding like I did with my second)

  6. Burp Rags - Invest in these! We used them like crazy with Ezra because of his acid reflux and constant spitting up. We don’t use them as much with our second, but it’s super helpful because she seems to not swallow all the time and it just drips everywhere! I love the Aden + Anais ones because they can also snap around like a bib. But I like the Burt’s Bees ones for my diaper bag. I received one for free in a baby kit and it’s the perfect size for travel.

  7. Breastfeeding Pillow - I’ve tried the Boppy and the Brestfriend Pillow and I really like the Brestfiend much better, especially if you have a c-section because it puts the baby above your incision. I do recommend the velcro strap over the buckle strap if you have any sort of curves, because it’s hard to get it to fit at the right places and the velcro one can be adjusted to larger sizes.



  1. First off, let’s just get the hard stuff out of the way. Register/take this newborn sleeping class! I wish I had the budget to take it, but since it’s our second we have some experience in all of this so I’m not freaking out just yet, but would have been WAY helpful for the first! Plus follow her on Instagram to get some great tips as well!

  2. This book. You could also just keep taking Cara’s classes, but since we followed this book with Ezra and it worked, we are going to try it again with Kennedy.

  3. Swaddles. A very important part in getting your baby to sleep longer! We love this one but if you want to splurge i’ve heard this one is great too.

    Pro Tip: Get two swaddles, because when massive spit ups happens you don’t want to be left without a swaddle while you wait for it to wash and dry! I actually only use the swaddle blankets for lightweight blankets or for photos. I highly recommend the viscose bamboo ones from Aden + Anais.

  4. Pacifiers. Another tool for getting babies to sleep. However, I do know of several moms who have said their baby either didn’t take pacis or became super picky on which one they would take. So it might be best to wait and see how baby responds? The hospital gave us some pacis, they were actually the same as the wubanub ones, but I ended up switching to Dr. Browns because that was the same bottle my first was using. However, with our second I really wanted to try Ryan & Rose. I had heard so much about them, plus they are super cute and a small company. So far, it’s been a hit! I ended up buying their paci clips too, because there’s nothing more frustrating than dropping a paci on the floor! Which speaking of, get some paci wipes to keep in your diaper bag.

    Pro Tip: Buy two pacifiers so you have one a clip in the car seat or diaper bag and the other one for using at home that pretty much stays in the bassinet.

  5. Dock a Tot - We wished we would have had this sooner with our first. When Ezra started sleeping longer stretches at night he would still wake up around 5-6 am, so after a quick feeding we would try to put him back to sleep, but he wasn’t always having it. We found if he was wrapped tightly in between us with pillows he would calm right down and fall asleep. this was also more common when he was older and able to crawl over, meaning he wasn’t in the bassinet next to our bed anymore and we had to get up to soothe him. Having the Dock-a-Tot means baby can be safely in between us on the bed and we don’t have to get up every five seconds while sleep training. Plus it helped a ton for naps! And now that he’s older it’s really helpful when we travel a lot. It gives him a sense of security and familiarity no matter where he is. And we plan to use it for his toddler bed, but of course we are using the Grand for Ezra and the Deluxe for Kennedy until 9 months.

  6. Sound Machine - We didn’t invest in one of these until our first was over 1 year old, BIG mistake. I’m not even sure why we waited. The sound machine is super helpful in the newborn stage because it mimics the heartbeat of mom. It’s not so much for blocking out noise at this age as it for creating a soothing sound. Once they get older and tend to wake up easier the sound machine is helpful for blocking out noise. We have two. One for Ezra to use each night that has a little light on it and also has the option for the light to go off when it’s time for your toddler to leave the bed. It supposed to help them with not getting up before it’s time…we haven’t transitioned out of the crib yet, so not sure how well this will work for us! And of course this one works with an app on your phone because that’s how all the things seem to work nowadays! Hatch Sound Machine

    The other sound machine we use is a small one that clips anywhere. It charges via USB cable and has an app that works with it where family members can record things and it can play on the speaker. It has a bluetooth so it works with your phone. I haven’t tested that part of it out yet, but we picked this one because it was the only portable one I could find that didn’t turn off after a set amount of time and also didn’t rely on batteries, just charing.

  7. Gowns (I recommend zippers, magnets, or open ended gowns) These are the easiest for those late night diaper changes, because snaps are annoying and should be banned from all pajamas.


    Magnet (look for these are upscale resale shops!)


  8. Lovey/Blanket - You don’t want your infant sleeping with this, but it’s a great thing to get one for putting over them when it’s cold and you’re holding them and it’s also good for you to start sleeping with it so it gets your scent on it. Then when they are older it helps soothe them. We did this with Ezra and he still has his blanket from birth, however, I want to throw it away because y’all it’s naaaasty! This also makes a great gift because people love getting them and then having their name put on it. I don’t really have a specific one in mind, but I’ve usually found my favorites at TJ MAXX.

  1. newborn sleeping class | 2. sleep book | 3a. nested bean swaddle |
    3b. bamboo swaddle blankets | 3c. ollie swaddle | 4. pacifier & paci clips | 4b. paci wipes | 5. dock a tot | 6a. hatch sound machine |
    6b. travel sound machine | 7. magnetic gowns | 8. baby blanket


  1. I love Honest Diapers and wipes. I have heard of a lot of babies who can have sensitivities to diapers because of all the chemicals so I really wanted something that offered a more natural solution. There are several on the market, but we went with Honest because they will have a lot of deals on their bundles, they offer cute prints, and they hold liquids like crazy! We’ve even been able to find them at discounted prices at TJ MAXX and Marshalls.

  2. Diaper Cream - We use two different types of diaper creams, one is just a basic coconut oil product from Honest Co. and the other is an actual diaper cream with the zinc in it to help clear rashes. We use the basic coconut oil one more with our older son and on boys after circumcision, but I use the diaper cream more with girls since they tend to be more sensitive down there. I am loving the Young Living diaper cream. Not only is it void of all the nasty chemicals (which is hard to do in diaper creams) but it has lavender essential oil in it which is great for calming. And it’s not a messy smelly mess all over your hands like other diaper creams.

  3. Linen Spray from Young Living - just spray it on the bassinet a few minutes before laying baby down. Helps calm them (and you!)

  4. Lotion - Young Living Seedling Lotion - Again it has lavender in it and helps calm baby, plus you don’t need very much and this will seriously last forever, just like the diaper cream. Before Young Living came out with their baby products we used Honest lotion and bath wash, but after trying Young Living’s products I’m hooked! If you have a membership to YL then this would be a great gift for a new mom!

  5. Bathtubs:

    Splurge - Bloom Bath. It’s super cute and makes for great photos, but not sure how well it works on newborns?

    Puj Tub - we got this with Ezra only because we needed something that could fit in a suitcase to take back to Africa. Works well in a sink, but not in a tub as the magnets will unsnap for a heavy baby.

    I really only recommend the high end ones if you plan on traveling a lot and need to take the tub with you, like to grandma’s for a week or if you spend time vacationing a lot.

    Save - First Years Tub - This one is nice because it works really well with a newborn, but you will need a big sink to make it fit otherwise you’ll have to use the tub. Using the tub isn’t the end of the world except in those early days (at least with the c-section) bending down is NOT happening for the first several weeks.

    Angelcare Bath - I’ve never used this one, but I like it’s sleek design

  6. Wash Clothes/Hooded Towels - Something I totally didn’t think to register for, but luckily people got them for us with our first baby. Here are a few of my favorites: Washcloth/Towel Set, Washcloths, Towels



Ethical Christmas Gift Guide: 2nd Edition

Last year I wrote a blog with several companies that sold ethical goods. This year I thought I’d narrow it down a bit and list a few individual items from some of my favorite brands. I’ve also tried to include a little something for every one your list! Everything (except one item) is well under a $100 in an effort to show you that ethical doesn’t have to break the bank! I’ve even broken them down into categories of Splurge (above 40), Spend (in the $30 range) and Save (from $29-$12) and at the bottom is a $10 guide.

So no more excuses that ethical shopping is too expensive, it’s out there, you just have to find it. And most of these stores offer coupons when you sign up for their email newsletter list. Including our company, Dreamer & Co…so take advantage!

The Mama/Sister/Aunt/Special Girl in Your Life:

Obviously the most easiest category out there, because most of the fashion market is geared toward women. So here are a few of my picks (see the last category for under $10 ideas)

These Shoes from Root Collective

This necklace from Dreamer & Co

This Stone Tray from Noonday Collective

This Scarf From Vickery Trading Co.

This Necklace From Dreamer & Co

This clutch from Purse & Clutch via The Brightly Co


This pair of earrings from Starfish Project

This tassel from Noonday Collection

This necklace from Dreamer & Co

Colorado 2018: My Picks for Visiting with a Toddler


So instead of just showing you all the photos of the fam in Colorado I thought I'd add a little information to the post. While we've been to Colorado (specifically Estes Park and Grand Lake) for several years now, we have never been with kids, much less pregnant! So that meant adjusting our normal activities for things that were situated for an out-of-breath pregnant woman and bouncy one year old who needs his naps come afternoon time, but who am I kidding, I needed those naps too! 

The view from the tram on the way down

The view from the tram on the way down

First off a few tips for those going to Colorado while pregnant. My doctor and a few friends warned me it would be difficult and to take it easy the first few days, so plan on that! Schedule your first day to do something that doesn't involve hiking or a lot of walking. We decided to do the tram, even though we were going up in elevation, I figured I'd give it a try and it turned out just fine. Also, they have an adorable gift shop with unique items in the lobby of the tram. Just a little FYI if you're tired of seeing the same 'ol thing everywhere!

Anotehr thing I did was drink water constantly! I cut back on my diet soda intake and some days didn't even have one. I usually have a hard time drinking water unless it's cold, so I ended up carrying my own glass water bottle with me. I would fill it up with ice and add a lemon or lime to it, and I ended up loving it. I never went anywhere without my water bottle in my hand. Honestly, I feel like this was the number one reason why I felt good the whole time. In fact, I felt better there than I do back in Dallas...probably the water. womp, womp.

So what things did we do?

Flat Hikes that were stroller friendly

Okay, so other than that I just said no to any hikes that went in elevation. I knew I couldn't handle it because I get some crazy pain just from a lot of walking, but we did manage a few flat walks at Estes Park Lake, Lily Lake and Sprague Lake. They were also find for our stroller. So it made it even easier not chasing a toddler out of the pond and hanging on to a stroller.

P.S. Sprague lake was my favorite because it's where we saw the mama and baby moose!

Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake

Sprague Lake

Estes Park Lake

Estes Park Lake

I did have to pass on the fly fishing though, but that's okay, we made up for it by going for a drive in Rocky Mountain National park all they way to our one of our favorite places on the earth, Grand Lake Lodge.

Other things that were great were walking through town and exploring all the shops. One morning they had a great farmer's market. And of course going at dusk or dawn to look for animals in the park. We also had a little date night at the Stanley to eat dessert (kid free) and even managed to sneak away on a few adventure just the three of us.

Honestly, it was a great vacation for kids. I didn't feel like we missed out things and we had a huge house off of air-b-n-b that really made it worthwhile. If you have kids then you know you end up spending a lot of time at your lodging due to naps and early bedtimes, so make sure you have a place with lots of games, scenic views, or at least a pool or something so you don't feel confined to a small room your whole trip (totally felt this way on our cruise last year).

A few of my favorite places:

1. Kind Coffee (grab a kind latte (shots brewed with honey and sugar) and a sit outside and enjoy the view)

2. Inkwell & Brew (the Provencal is to die for (lavender and honey latte) and a store full of journals, um swoon!)

3. The Stanley Hotel - Take in a fancy dinner or just have dessert and drinks at the Stanley. You can also go for a tour or just look around. It's worth it!

4. Fun City - the kids had so much fun! And if your little one is close to two they can do just about anything with an adult!

5. The Tram - you get to ride up the tram to the top of the mountain. There is a coffee shop and gift shop at the top and you purchase peanuts to feed the chipmunks, great for kids!

Ezra loved watching (and attempting) to feed the chipmunks at the top of the mountain. You get there by taking the tram.

Ezra loved watching (and attempting) to feed the chipmunks at the top of the mountain. You get there by taking the tram.

Ezra running the trail at the top of Trail Ridge Road. 

Ezra running the trail at the top of Trail Ridge Road. 

And lots of evenings spent around the fire the this view...let's just say this is after the kids went to bed. :)

And lots of evenings spent around the fire the this view...let's just say this is after the kids went to bed. :)

This was the only place I really had trouble with pain or breathing, I mean you are 11,000 feet up!

This was the only place I really had trouble with pain or breathing, I mean you are 11,000 feet up!

Dressed in our PJs looking for elk!

Dressed in our PJs looking for elk!

We went looking for animals at dusk in the national park

We went looking for animals at dusk in the national park

The view behind Kind Coffee

The view behind Kind Coffee

The massive slide at Fun City

The massive slide at Fun City

My Top Picks for Toddlers


Since turning one, Ezra has changed so much—food habits, sleep, speech, play, etc. So I thought I'd do a round-up of some of my favorite things for getting through life with a 1-2 year old. This is only 21 months in, so there may be some more hidden gems, but here are a few things I would highly recommend if you have a little one on the way! 



1. Dock-A-Tot Grand
(FYI: It's pricey, and we were lucky enough to get it as a gift. I've heard there are other ones similar and work just as well for a cheaper price)

We were able to borrow the Dock-A-Tot (small one) for when Ezra was under one year old and then received the Grand one for his birthday. Without a doubt the first 7 months without a Dock-A-Tot were a HUGE mistake. Again, this totally depends on the sleeping habits of your kid, but for us we were always pulling Ezra up onto the bed with us after his before dawn wake up calls. So many times we wished we had something we could just put him in where he would stay in between us.

While the Grand Dock-A-Tot is a little too big for this, it didn't matter, because Ezra outgrew the early wake up call. BUT having the big Dock-A-Tot served us so well every time Ezra slept in a new pack-n-play or crib. We were sleeping in a different place almost every week last summer and having the Dock-A-Tot made it an easy transition. Also, I totally recommend the white cover. At first I didn't want white becuase it would get too dirty, but after having the chevron pattern I realized I could bleach the white spots but not the gray stripes. Now I have two covers, because stomach bugs...and the white is so much easier to clean, I can just bleach and stubborn spots that don't come out in the wash. 

The Dock-a-Tot also provided cushion to the incredibly hard pack-n-play we had with us in Africa. Before, I had to place a billion blankets underneath the "mattress" so he wouldn't get hurt when he slept. And with the Grand Dock-A-Tot We plan to use it for transitioning to a big bed. My plan is to make a bed on the floor with a wood pallet, mattress, dock-a-tot, and then his mosquito net or play tent hanging over him. (hard to explain, but here's my inspo pic from Weaversquad on Instagram:



2. A Lovey

If you haven't found something that your kid can attach to, it's fine. But here's why I like it—every time we are somewhere new or even in the stroller, as long as we have his blanket or stuffed animal he can fall asleep! Without it, ha! He's had the same blanket since he was born and y'all it's naaaasty! So we slowly worked in another item. We really love Scentsy buddies. They have so many unique animals, are super soft, and have a little zipper pocket where you can add a little smell pouch. (Or make one with essential oils) Ezra's favorite is the lemur. They change all the time and you can find old ones online or with people who sell Scentsy. Seriously, I love these things and may have a problem wanting allll the cute animals. 

3. Sound Machine

I really don't know why I didn't use this much earlier. We actually started using it because Ezra was sleeping in our room during the hot season and our door would always wake him up. Once we had the sound machine it would mask the sound of our super creaky door and actually had him sleeping longer in the mornings and during nap time. Now, we don't leave home without it! 

We actually blew out the cord to our sound machine because I forgot to plug it into the transformer, so we ended up using an app on our phone and a small bluetooth speaker. So if you're skeptical about the magic of a sound machine try it out with an old phone or iPad and a speaker before you buy one.

There are so many different sound machines, so I'm linking the amazon search page. But I've heard really great things about the Hatch one (syncs with your phone). Our cheap one is finally starting to go out a little, so keep that in mind with cheaper machines that play for all night and a couple hours during the day, they will eventually give out. 


4. 360 Cups

I've heard so many negative things about sippy cups. While we used them for milk when transitioning from formula we really kept all other liquids to a straw cup or 360 cup. I would have put his milk in this as well, but he usually had his milk while lying down (the only way we could change him at night an morning) but then a few months later he just started rejecting milk and so along with it the sippy cups left our lives. I love the 360 cups because they are still spill proof, but teach kids to drink out of a cup and also it's supposed to be better for their mouth development than sippy cups. We used the trainer cups in the beginning, they are smaller and have handles. But eventually transitioned to the big cups with no handles once we knew he could pick them up with no problem. They also make the cup in an insulated style, which we love for on the road.


5. Snack Cups

Just do yourself a favor and go ahead and get a few of these. It's the perfect way to serve snacks, and Ezra had no problem doing it himself at 12 months. We put puffs in there and also do fruit and other things. It's great for carrying snacks in your diaper bag and for giving to your toddler when needed. 

Speaking of snacks, here's some of our favorites

Just know that all kids are different and it seems to change on the regular. We've had a hard time feeding this kids from about 17 months. He just started rejecting everything! But here are a few things we found he loves. 

Jammy Sammy 
(I use to make pb and j's for him from scratch and then he started rejecting those too, so now I just give him these. Obviously when we are in Africa I'll have to go back to forcing him to eat homemade ones, that is if I can find our stash of peanut butter)

Whole Milk Yogurt Pouches 
In America I just buy the pouches because he can feed himself without a mess, but in Africa I just buy regular yogurt. I get whole milk since he won't drink milk I can at least get some milk in him this way.

Trader Joe's Date & Nut bites and Fruit & Nut Discs - I saw another blogger who suggested this for her toddler and thought I'd give it a try. I really didn't expect him to like them, but man was I wrong! You just have to be careful not to give them too many in one day or you will regret all the dirty diapers later... Also, they come in individual wrappers so they are great for on the go!

6. Silicone Travel Placemat

So if your kid is a bit of thrower (like ours) these things will really save your sanity. When we go to restaurants we just lay this mat down on the table and then give Ezra his food on top of it. Yes, he can peel it off the table, but when there's food on top of it he really doesn't concern himself with that! However, if we give him a plate, he just thinks its a fun flying disc...(insert face palm emoji)
Note: this isn't the one I have, but these cloud shapes are too cute!



7. Mega Blocks

I was very anti-legos (still am), because I'm not much on things with little pieces and bright plastic pieces everywhere, but mega blocks I will take. They are big enough that it's easy to pick up and yet small enough that little hands can still build with them. We've also taught Ezra to pick up his blocks and he loves it; it's like a game! While we can get these in Africa, they price is crazy! I'm also fainted when I saw how much they were on Amazon. I'm pretty sure I could get the same bag for $50, so yeah, totally worth the space in my suitcase...especially since I got ours at a garage sale for $4 and then just took them home and sanitized them all with Thieves soap. #momwin

8. Elmo Alphabet Case

Our new favorite toy is this Alphabet Case. I first saw it on Jillian Harris' Insta Stories with her toddler and fell in love. My mom saw it too and we immediately tracked it down on Amazon, even better that it was Elmo, Ezra's favorite tv character! I also like that we can just fold it up and take it with us to a friend's house or wherever. 

9. Magnetic Letters

My mom bought these for Ezra for his birthday and it was literally been the best gift. Who knew?! he loves arranging them on the fridge, bringing them to mama, and well hiding them behind the fridge for fun. But I love that each letter has an animal on it, like the N uses a Narwal! My favorite. You can also get the cheap letters like we all had when we were kids and they work just as well. I think I found a set at Walmart for a dollar or two. 



10. Fawn Diaper Bag
(again pricey, and got as a gift, but I cannot tell you how much this bag is worth every penny!!)

I LOVE bags. Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you I have a bit of a problem. But here's the thing—bags always fit and I'm always in search of the PERFECT bag. I want it to be multi-functional, big enough for all the things without actually feeling big, and cute and classic. Well Fawn has done it. I love that you can wear it as a strap or backpack and that there are a million pockets inside. It also doesn't look like a diaper bag, so if you want to use it for your personal bag, no one would even know. They also have inserts that match the bag that keep everything organized...pretty much my dream. 

11. Native Shoes

These guys are amazing. Especially for living in a hot climate all year long. They go with everything, are washable, slips ons, and don't make your kids feet smell. And if you aren't into paying full price you can usually find some used ones at a resale shop or my favorite Poshmark.

12. Stroller

So I am someone who is constantly on the hunt for the perfect bag, and since having a baby I've added stroller to that list. However, strollers are a crazy game. There are so many price points and features and it just gets nuts. To be honest, I'm not sure the perfect one exists, which is why so many people have more than one stroller. I first started out with a Graco stroller that came with carseat. And even though it wasn't for off-roading it held up amazingly on the rocky roads of Africa. I loved how the basket was easy to get things in and out of and how the recliner was accessible with one hand (not so on my current stroller). But sadly, the airlines on our flights back to America last summer completely destroyed the stroller and now all four wheels no longer touch the ground...womp, womp. 

So that gave me the chance to look for a stroller that would fit our needs and hopefully last longer. I ended up purchasing the City Jogger on an Amazon sale. the tires are made for off-roading, but aren't the kind that require air, which is necessary, because in the heat of Africa you end up blowing up tires every thank you. But while I loved so many things about the City Select, the basket is hard to get things in and out of and the recliner requires two hands. It also doesn't sit up all the way so Ezra has a hard time reaching the snack tray and seeing over the sides. It does however provide amazing sun coverage, which is a huge plus when you live in 24/7 summer.

That said, I don't have a much to recommend, mostly because it depends on what you need it for. And since we are expecting baby number 2, we are now upgrading to a double stroller. But I do have one stroller to recommend. It may not suit everyone's needs, but if you spend a lot of time traveling like we do or just need something small to keep in the car and aren't a fan of umbrella strollers then this is for you:

The GB Pockit Stroller. It folds up and fits in your bag, which means airlines can't check it and destroy your stroller. It also means that for those flights or airports that won't bring you your stroller to the gate and end up putting it with all the other luggage leaving you stranded with no stroller on your 5 hours layover, well worry no more. Now you have just whip our your stroller and go! 

I also used this stroller on some off-roading adventures in Colorado this summer and was surprised how well it did! I don't suggest doing that all that time, but if you have to, it works. That said, for the traveling family it's amazing. Especially when you can't wear your baby in the carrier due to your growing bump. :)

one year blog post.jpg

Nairobi National Park: Where Safari Meet City


In February, my mother-in-law came to visit and we decided to meet her in Nairobi, Kenya since she would have a 24 hour layover. We decided to make it a three day adventure and stayed at the beautiful Ololo Lodge in Nairobi National Park. It's a great place if you are okay with just staying in the park and not doing much else, but don't worry there's still TONS to do. 

You can take a safari every morning and evening, walk the beautiful grounds and see their farm and where they make their own furniture. You can also take a 30 minute walk to a nearby glass factory where you can watch them make glass. There's also a fun little place next door where you can buy more glass products and see animals, and just explore the quirky, fun grounds. 

And if you want to just rest and kick back they have the best space for relaxation. Take up a chair by the pool or grab a book and curl up in one of the cozy nooks around the grounds. 

They also grow their own mushrooms!

They also grow their own mushrooms!

The dirt contrast!

The dirt contrast!

They grow their own herbs, veggies, and fruits in the greenhouse

They grow their own herbs, veggies, and fruits in the greenhouse

Walking to the Glass Factory & of course little man falls asleep

Walking to the Glass Factory & of course little man falls asleep

even the pigs have cute houses!

even the pigs have cute houses!

I can't get over all the cacti!

I can't get over all the cacti!

Little man still fast asleep!

Little man still fast asleep!

Ready for a Safari!

Ready for a Safari!

of course, he fell asleep through all the good parts!

of course, he fell asleep through all the good parts!

It's just like the Lion King out here! 

It's just like the Lion King out here!