African Beach Trip

When living in Africa there are things you come NOT expect. You celebrate on days where the water runs, electricity is solid, and you don't pass out from the heat. Even though most of those things are regular in our country, I prefer to never expect. That way, when I have these things, my gratitude is greater. Our first weekend in Africa was Easter weekend. We, along with several other families, headed to the beach, about a 2 hour drive from the city. We camped on cots, ate over a fire, and snorkeled in the clear blue waters. But the best part, was the cool breeze that never ended. It was a relief from the hot, city sun. It's amazing what perspective will give you.

Expect too many things and your perspective will be dim. When those things fall apart, so do you. But it's important to keep a middle ground. If you expect too less, for example, nothing to work correctly, people to disappoint you, etc, then your perspective will also be shaded. So how do you maintain a balanced perspective and expectation? For my family, we do things like read challenging books, have regular quiet times, retreat to the beach or mountains, rest, say no, watch a movie, enjoy a good meal together, the list goes on. So for you, what are ways you can maintain balance?