Meet Kuzratalo


JANUARY 18, 2013

*Guest Blog by my beloved hubby, Reed Gardner.


After a long scenic drive through the mountains we finally arrived at our destination.  It was a small village that few choose to frequent.  Due to the high rate of Tuberculosis in this village, they are seen as outcasts. Even government officials were surprised when our team showed up ready to distribute food, clothing, and other aid to this small, forgotten town.

My wife and I had the privilege of meeting a sweet elderly man named Kuzratalo.  He lives in the village with his brother. He has lost all of his other family members due to tuberculosis, but you wouldn’t know it by the joy on his face and his radiant smile. We were able to give Kuzratalo and his brother a box of food and clothing.  As we carried on conversation through a translator, I shared with him that the woman who was that caretaker at our guest house was praying for my wife and I too have 10 children!  He laughed and said “Ten is not enough; I am going to pray for 20!” Needless to say my wife was not too happy with that response!

Before we left, Kuzratalo walked up to my wife and reached into his pocket and pulled out a 5 Somoni bill (the equivalent of about $1).  With a smile on his face he preceded to hand it to her.  Through a translator, he said that he wanted to give us a gift to remember him by, and that we were always welcome to visit him in his home.  Unfortunately we could not visit him that day, but judging by the smile on his face I believe we have an open invitation should we ever return.

We came to help meet physical needs through food and clothing, but perhaps the best thing we had to offer that day was the gift of friendship. Kuzratalo now knows that he matters and that he has not been forgotten.  We certainly won’t forget him either…