Ezra James: 4 Months

4 months. Wow. Little guy has now spent half his life in America and half his life in Africa. Kind of crazy, when you think about it. In the past month, Ezra has learned to roll over from his tummy to back, he loves laughing at mommy and daddy, enjoys catnapping in his carseat, has started sleeping 10+ hours at night, and is officially 17.2 pounds! Unfortunately we missed how long he was because ya know it was in French with the metric system, but we did understand that "whoa" that followed after the nurse read the measurement. And the latest development is our little guy has started teething. We thought we would have another month or so before this started, poor guy has NOT been happy. There has been a lot of tears and a lot of time in the rocking chair. Anyways, here's to 4 months and we can't wait to see what next month has in store!