Ezra James: 6 Months

This past month has gone by so fast! I feel like I blinked and Ezra was 6 months already! He has been full of laughs and giggles as he wasn't having to deal with unpleasant teething, but that's about to change. He also is getting better at sitting up, had his first ride in the grocery cart seat (he wasn't a fan), no longer sleeps in the bassinet of the pack-n-play, and is LOVING solid food. Seriously, I can't give that kid enough, unless it's peas, not a big fan of peas. If you're interested in what we feed our little one then check out this book. It's based on the French food system and it's a great way to introduce real whole food and a variety of flavors to your little one. So far, Ezra is loving all the recipes, except the peas, but it's growing on him. :)