Kenya: Meet Grace

In October of 2011 I had the opportunity to travel to East Africa. While I only spent a day or two in Kenya, I was able to go out and visit with the Maasai People. The organization my husband and I work for, Global Aid Network,  has a trusted relationship there and throughout the years they have helped build schools, water wells, and more. I spent the day getting to know some of the ladies as well as hearing the stories of the kids who attend the school. The first set of photos are of Charity. She is so precious! Her mother led us into their hut and then let us photograph her family. She wanted her Bible in her hand as we photographed them so everyone would know she was a Christian. Then her and several other ladies proceeded to sing and dance for us.

I also had the privilege of meeting three brothers. Who are really the cutest things possible. They had to walk over 3 miles to get to school everyday, which is evident by the holes in their shoes. But now thanks to the new school they can attend classes in their own village! And hopefully get some new shoes soon.

And one of my favorite stories is of Grace. She was not allowed to go to school like the other kids in her village. Her father would beat her and force her to work all day long. Our Kenyan partners heard of this and every time they would visit they would ask Grace's father to let her go to school. Finally after numerous times of asking her father agreed. Now Grace is healthy (since she receives food at school), she is happy, and her father does not beat her and force her into child labor. "The change is significant!",  Joshua and Tabitha (Kenyan partners who work in this area) tell me.