Celebrating Mother's All Over The World

Refugee Camp in the Horn of Africa

In honor of Mother's Day I thought I'd do something a little different. On my own journey to becoming a mother this year, it makes me have a little more appreciation for all the mom's out there. I've never been the sentimental type when it comes to holidays, but I'm giving it an effort. :) Along with my own mother, I'm reminded of all the mom's I've met along the way. Many of whom are giving up everything to provide for their children. Mom's who have sick children, mom's who have disabled children, mom's who have healthy children but still lack the resources to send them to school or provide three meals a day for them. Yet, they are all mom's. They love their babies and are trying their hardest in their given circumstances to create a better world for their children. So this mother's day as you celebrate or remember your own mother (or someone in your life who represented that figure for you) I ask you to also remember these mothers. And if you want to do more why not donate to an organization that is on the front lines helping moms. 

Babushka (or grandmother in Russian) of the women in the photo in the right. She cares for several of her daughters and grandchildren on a daily basis, serving them constantly as they live together in a village in Central Asia.

This woman received food and clothing for her family. She is not only a mother, but also a grandmother. 

The mom of the two children seen in the photo. She lives along with her sisters and their children with her mother in a remote Central Asian village. The women's father died several years ago so the women work hard to keep things running.

This mother works hard daily. Her youngest daughter has a disability and she must take care of her 24/7, while also working on the meals, taking care of her other children, and managing the farm. She is one of the lucky one who has a caring husband who is able to share the load with her. Bellarmino and his wife live in a small village in rural Guatemala.

A grandmother and her granddaughter in the Middle East. They are part of a larger family of 14 who live in an apartment. They came as refugee from the Syrian war, but managed to leave early enough to where they can benefit from having a home for their family and even able to provide education for their children.

A mom, Tamiima, and her 4 kids inside their tent in a refugee camp in the Horn of Africa. They have been displaced because of drought and war and now the 4 of them live inside this small tent, but even through tough times they find time to smile and play.

Orbellena (pictured left) has 2 boys and when the photo was taken she was 2 months pregnant. Lorena (pictured right) has 2 children, one boy, and the little girl, Araceli, pictured in the middle. Both women work to make donuts through a local NGO job skills project. The money they make helps provide food for their family. Orbellena raises her children on her own as her husband was recently deported. The opportunity to make donuts and provide money for their family has given them an opportunity that most women in this slum in Honduras never receive. 

Soraida lives in a small village in Honduras and is married with 4 kids. One of her children passed away of heart problems when he was 11, and two others are grown and off working. Her youngest child is pictured above.  

A pastor's wife pictured with her youngest child. (Gracias a Dios, Honduras) 

Carudo pictured with her newborn baby in their humble home.

Carudo is 30 years old and married with 5 children. Her husband's salary is not enough to feed and sustain the family such that one of her children goes to an orphanage school.

Hyat and her daughter Sabrin are HIV positive. When her husband found out he immediately packed up and left her and their eight children. Hyat and Sabrin now receive treatment to help with their diagnosis and thanks to this center in their city in the Horn of Africa they can also come and receive nutritious food and care. 

These women in a remote village in the highland jungle of Peru take care of their babies while watching the medical team who came to treat patients.

Mothers along with their children wait to receive medical aid in a war-torn city in the Horn of Africa.

Nurto is 30 years old and has six children. This photograph was taken right after she received food at a distribution center in a refugee camp in the Horn of Africa.

Maka is also a young mother who just received food at a refugee camp in the Horn of Africa.

A woman in the Peruvian high jungle watches over her baby as she makes baskets for the local market.

A mother makes traditional Ethiopian coffee for our team of guests who employed her son for the day as a tour guide.

Women and their children watching as a man is fitted with glasses for the first time. (Peruvian high jungle)

A mother poses with her baby in a school in a rural village in Kenya.

Domitio stands with her son in their house in Honduras. 

A mother helps her child with a coloring page while her newborn baby sleeps. (Peruvian high jungle)

A mother and her child stand watch at a medical clinic in the Peruvian high jungle.

Me with a Masaai mom and her baby in rural Kenya.