Allergy-Free Recipes: Part 2

No Bake Coconut Delights: Seriously, these are amazing! You can even have a sugar-free, candida-free version (the ones I tried, made with xylitol). 

Paleo Stuffed Sweet Potatoes (from Danielle Walker): Holy Cow, watch out, you'll be addicted to this after one taste. It might be my new favorite go to meal. 

Overnight Oats - These pinterest sensations have been bombarding my board for awhile now, so I finally decided to give them a try. It's a great addition to my already limited breakfast items. The hubby LOVED these and would probably eat them every morning...if we could remember to get them ready the night before.

We recently picked up a new cookbook magazine at Whole Foods called Well Fed. The hubs has loved using this cookbook as our dinner go-to. She has a genious system called hot plates, which helps make dinner easier through the week. The basic premise is you cook all your meat and veggies early in the week then when for each meal you just decide if you want Moroccan, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, etc and throw it all together...easy peasy! We tried out several recipes and here are a few of our favorites:

Sunshine Sauce - A must have for Thai food and a great alternative for those who can't have peanuts (like me).

Paleo Pad Thai - Made with spaghetti squash and sunshine sauce....soooo good! (we left out the egg on my dish)