Anniversary Trip to Lyon, France

For our 3rd anniversary we decided to explore Lyon. From Albertville, it's only an hour or so ride by train. We had planned to get up early to catch the train but we had a surprise visitor around 3:30 that morning that caused us to oversleep and leave a little later than expected. By the way our surprise visitor was a bat who found his way through our open window and swarmed around the ceiling. Let's just say we no longer sleep with the windows open...

Once in Lyon we started with exploring the Basilica then walked down to the Roman ruins. From there we headed to Old Town and ate a late lunch at a local creperie. Afterwards we walked across the river popping into shops, eating macaroons, and just passing time until the bouchons opened up for dinner. Lyon is know for being the culinary capital of France so we decided it was worth the wait. 

After dinner we headed back the train station to "try" to catch the train back to Albertville. Unfortunately we had misread the time table earlier that morning and missed the last train out of town. Luckily we were in a big city and we found a nice hotel just down the street. And besides, it was a special occasion! 

The next morning we headed back to Albertville but not before waiting in the long line at Starbucks to get a pumpkin spice latte . . . so worth it!