Refresh My Soul: Paris, France

Oh August, with your blazing heat and days full of hope and fear as children and teachers alike prepare for back to school. But the hope you bring as we anticipate the lowering temperatures, orange leaves, football, and best of all pumpkin spice lattes. Yes, fall, you are my favorite. So while we continue to wait for you in sweltering heat I'll just take a look back at the world's favorite places: Paris. Because we can all admit that Paris make everything better. 

Refresh My Soul: Annency, France

Usually I do the monthly refresh series later in the month, but with all that's been going on in the world lately I felt it was needed a little early. And I'm taking it back to one of my favorite cities, Annency, France. My prayers are with Nice today, and I pray we remember to love a little harder every day. 

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