Hospital Packing List


Let’s be honest, it can be overwhelming when it comes to packing, much less packing for something like a hospital stay! So when I had my first baby I made a list on my phone of things I wish I would have had and then was able to refer back to it for my second. Here is what I ended up taking with me:

slippers - I hate the hospital socks. So the first time I took my nice Ugg slippers, but guess what? My feet swelled up three sizes bigger and I couldn’t wear them. So this time I bought a pair at Walmart in the next size up. I also made sure they didn’t have any backs on them because it’s easier to get your feet into when they are swollen and you can’t bend over yet (at least if you have a c-section, not sure on a vbac what the bending capability is after birth)

depends - Yes, the hospital gives you mesh underwear and pads, but I did not find them comfortable! Especially if you had a c-section and they hit right at your scar (unless you have the binding on) Anyways, these were much easier to deal with, so make sure you have a few in your bag, if anything for the day you go home so you are more comfortable than the mesh underwear

oils - I needed my Valor and Peace & Calming like crazy before birth! I had so much anxiety and I had these nearby to calm me down. I know that some people who have a vbac also bring a diffuser and have the oils going while giving birth!

nipple cream - because yeah…I really love the Motherlove brand

nursing cover - because people are constantly coming in and out of your room, from nurses, family, doctors, etc…it’s just a little more private this way. I also really love Milkmaid Goods, their covers are SO soft! I loved them so much I actually got two of them!

sleeping mask - The hospital room is full of lights and when nurses come in all hours to check on you they usually leave a light on, anyways, I found it easier to block it out by putting on an eye mask

chapstick - because you will have some dry lips, thank me later

airpods - When I was up feeding or pumping (because of baby being in the NICU) I needed something to do, but didn’t want to wake my husband, so I put these in and listened to my Insta Stories

swelling lotion - the single most important/best thing I took with me! My feet swelled SO bad with my first pregnancy so I prepared this time by making a lotion. I used any lotion as a base and added Lemongrass, Lavender, and Citrus Fresh essential oils. Then I had my husband rub it all over my feet and legs several times a day. It dramatically reduced the swelling and by the third day in the hospital the doctor couldn’t believe how good my feet looked! I actually stopped using it because I thought it was done, and within a day they swelled up again. But a few more applications and it was back to normal! Last time it took several weeks before I could get into a pair of shoes!

kindle/book - You may not ever use it, but I did have some downtime where I wasn’t sleeping and wanted something to do

pajamas for nursing - While those hospital gowns are great, it’s nice to feel human again after birthing a small human! Plus there were so many visitors coming in and out I felt much more comfortable being in pajamas vs the gown. We also had to go down to the NICU several times a day and so it was better to be in some decent clothing than an open back gown! Just make sure they are nursing friendly with some buttons and if you have a c-section you may not want pants or short but a dress instead. Though once I had the binding on the waistband didn’t bother me.

robe - When my first was born it was September (in Texas) which mean it was still hot, so I had a lightweight robe from PinkBlush. It was perfect for putting on over my gown or pajamas and going for a walk on the floor or the NICU. For my second it was December so I got a big fluffy robe. I LOVE this thing! I put it on at home too and it’s great for just having over you pajamas since you are pretty much just nursing all day in the beginning.

maternity tights/clothes - make sure you have your maternity clothes with you to go home from the hospital. You’ll still be wearing these for awhile while your uterus shrinks back or your c-section scar heals

binding - Make sure they give you this in the hospital before you try to get up and walk! I’ve had some friends say they never gave them one, so you might want to grab one off amazon and bring it. Honestly, I couldn’t have survived my c-section without it! If you didn’t have a c-section it’s still a nice thing to have because it helps shrink your hips back faster

phone charger - need I say more?

bathroom items (glasses, contact case, make up, shower stuff, deodorant, etc)

baby items: clothes, swaddle, car seat with infant insert, paci, and a fully packed diaper bag for the ride home

I have an Amazon list if you want to see all the products: