My Top Picks for Newborns: Misc

Alright, since the list is kind of long, I’m going to try not to go into much detail here, but just list some of my favorites/things that are good to register for.

  1. Winter Time booties - If your newborn is a winter baby these will save your sanity, because socks and shoes DO NOT stay on at this age!

  2. Baby carries (moby, ring sling, and ergo/lille) - Yes, I recommend all three! They serve different purposes. The moby I really only use in those early months. It keeps baby close to your chest and all cozy, great for when they don’t want to be put down. I use the Lille and or Ergo (I’ve had both, but after I lost the Ergo in airport security I decided to go with LIlle, both work great) Anyways, I like this one for traveling through airports or more adventurous hiking/walks because it keeps baby super secure and they go on your back after a certain age. And lastly the ring sling, it’s my more everyday wrap. I really love the ones from Wildbird Co. They have so many great fabrics and I love when you can find a good product from a small shop. It’s easy to fit inside a diaper bag and holds babies well even after a year old. Plus it’s way easier to put baby in than the other two.

  3. baby book - There are so many great books out there, so it really depends on your style. I really like the more simplistic books I’ve seen, but I don’t like their $99 price tag! So here’s one I found that’s similar but cheaper.

  4. fawn diaper bag - y’all this bag is a must!! It’s pricey but so worth it! My mother-in-law got it for me for Christmas and it’s been one of my favorite gifts. It’s cute, functional, and wipes easy.

  5. high chair (ikea or graco) - We have the graco one that attaches to a table, but I also like the Ikea one, really cheap and you can find cute covers all over Etsy

  6. changing pad or pack n play that has one with it - Some people never use a changing pad and just prefer to change baby wherever, which totally works, but having the c-section meant I couldn’t bend over very well so having a changing pad up high was a huge help, plus it wipes clean when you have explosives coming at you during a change…which is totally common with newborns! This time around we actually are just using the changing pad on the pack n play, and that works pretty well for us right now. And if you get a changing pad cover, make sure and get one that’s wipeable! We got one that wasn’t and that was just plain silly. You end up getting all kind of nasty things on that and do you really want one more thing to have to wash constantly!

  7. Lotus Travel Cot n play or the 4moms Breeze- So for a pack n play I really like these two. They are super easy to put together and the Lotus is really light and great for travel. If you want to have the infant bassinet and changing pad area with your pack n play, then I recommend the 4Moms one. We actually use Graco because I got it for free from a company, which totally works too, but if you plan on taking it back and forth to grandparents house or traveling a lot invest in the Lotus or 4moms!

  8. diaper pail - because newborns poop a lot…

  9. Swing - I like the 4moms RockaRoo. It has an app that works with your phone and you can play sound machine noise or music and adjust the speed of the rocking. It’s a great place for baby to hang out when they are being a little fussy and you need a break from the endless holding and rocking!

  10. monitor - Love this monitor! It comes with two cameras, which may seem silly, but if you have two kids in separate rooms it's nice or if you want an extra camera to keep for travel instead of unplugging or unmounting the other one it’s a great option. What I looked for in a monitor: video, two way speaker, temperature reading, dual-voltage (because we needed it overseas and didn’t want to use a transformer), and reasonably priced.

  11. infant car seat pillow - We totally didn’t realize this was a thing. And when we went home from the hospital with our first the nurse mentioned how we might want to get one because the one that came with the car seat was a joke! It was so flat and did nothing. So make sure you have something similar to this so their little head can be properly supported in the car seat.

  12. mittens - Not for the cold, but so they don’t scratch themselves all day long! Plus a lot of people have a hard time with cutting the nails, so this will help until you get better at it. I also really like Goumikids brand because they put the black and white contrast patters on their stuff to help with baby’s development, otherwise you can just get a cheap pair like these.

  13. bandanas - I didn’t see the point of these at all, until our first started teething…then cue alllll the drool. His clothes would be soaked in drool and drive me nuts. So when I put a bandana on him it would catch all the drool and save me from wanting to change his clothes all the time! Plus if you have a baby who spits up a lot it’s great for that, so much easier to change the bandana than clothes.

  14. chew book - a little toy for your babe. Our first didn’t want to do much toys and rattles and such, but he did love having a book that he could chew on and it makes a little crinkle noise

  15. Play gym/mat - I really like things that aren’t full of color and plastic so I looked for a play gym that was more simple and could fit in a suitcase. We went with this one, but if it didn’t need to fit in a suitcase I would have gone with something like this and then just put a nice rug underneath it.

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